St Joseph Church

Indianapolis, IN USA

Primary category: Commercial
Specialty: Office / renovation
Client: KMSG Services, LLC
Cost: $1,100,000
Size: 10,700 SF

The St Joseph Church was built in 1879 and was decommissioned after only 70 years of being in service. Since 1949, the building had been used for varying small religious type functions until the mid-1980’s, after which it remained vacant and fell into disrepair. RG Collaborative’ s Founding President / Founding Partner, Sanford E. Garner, purchased the church in 2002 and after many years of ownership, has decided to move the office of RG Collaborative into the space following a detailed renovation.

RG Collaborative’s mission is to enrich lives through inspiring and sustainable design … one neighborhood, one community, one campus at a time. Thus, it is no surprise that Sanford would take on the challenge of adapting this 122 year old church by turning it into RG Collaborative’ s headquarters. The renovation will bring this historic church up to modern day codes and standards and will integrate a new HVAC system, photocell controlled lighting, and water efficient plumbing fixtures into the historic space. In keeping with the firm’s sustainable mission, the project was to utilize historic tax credits and seeking LEED Silver certification.