Whether high-end townhouses or multi-family housing for disadvantaged communities, RGC is dedicated to the design of housing that inspires all who interact with them. Our collaborative design process gives residents and stakeholders’ ownership of the issues around which we will design. A core tenet of our practice is the emphasis on people – we strive to create architecture that will engage, interact and inspire.

Buildings can help communities heal themselves. RGC’s commitment to the concept of “People, Planet and Profit” demands that we design beyond the site to find hidden opportunities for growth and renewal of neighborhoods and all who live within.

All projects

  • Blackburn Terrace
  • Brokenburr Phase I
  • Chatham-Kynett
  • Concord Village Apartments
  • Douglas Pointe
    Indianapolis, IN, USA
  • East Street Development
  • Fall Creek Place
    Indianapolis, IN, USA
  • Georgetown Apartments
  • HKP - Vue
  • Hoffman Hotel
    South Bend, IN, USA
  • IHA On-Call
  • Independent Residential Living
  • Indiana Avenue Apartments
  • JMS - Studebaker Lofts
    South Bend, Indiana, USA
  • Northtown Village Phase I & II
  • Shams Toweers 3 -8
  • Sorouh Tower One & Two
  • The Barton Block – Millikan Phase I & II
    Indianapolis, IN, USA
  • The Braxton
  • Trailside
    Indianapolis, IN, USA
  • West Street Development
  • Woodlake Terrace Apartments