Outliers / The Owner's Wife

Indianapolis, IN USA

Primary category: Commercial
Additional categories: featured
Specialty: Corporate
Client: Rocket Enterprises
Cost: $1,000,000
Size: 12,367 SF

The Renovation, consisting of two (2) attached historic buildings with a window well between them, is located in the Chatham-Arch Historic District. The two (2), simple, masonry buildings are open in plan, and this layout was maintained in the new design.

The southernmost building, The Tway Building, was renovated into Outliers Brewery. Additionally, it holds a taproom, dry storage, and the kitchen and cold storage for the restaurant. The northernmost building was renovated into The Owner’s Wife. The existing building had some Art Deco stylized canopies which were revamped and brought back to life in the new design. As previously mentioned, The Owner’s Wife maintained its original open plan, while adding a rear seating area off the alley, and new entrance ramp and stairs.

The collaborative design project incorporates original artwork, antique items used as details, a custom bar work, and a custom continuous bench running the length of the southern wall.